The Lunatics

Here are brief introductions to the cast of lunatics at Just Not Dinner. Human descriptions are deliberately shorter than the hairdroppers; you get enough about us in my posts :-)

Sheri – Your hostess. Gluten-free food maniac.


The Stepson – The only human child I have around. Good kid. No incognito picture available – sorry.



Baby – The eldest furbaby. Male and territorial when it comes to his momma. Enjoys walking across a hot stove and sticking his tail in hot candle wax.



Sylvester – AKA Vester AKA Sweetpea. Hates The Gidge with a fierce passion. Howls loudly when hungry.

RIP, little man.  3.29.99 – 8.1.08



The Gidge – AKA Gidget AKA Midget AKA Mighty Midget. The most recent addition to the zoo. Pain in my butt but can't imagine life without her.

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